We have the heavy machinery to tackle your biggest jobs.



Sure, we have the skills to do an elegant remodel but we can also get down in the dirt and do some heavy lifting.

If you need something dug, graded, moved or hauled, we can do it. We have Bobcats, excavators, plows, dumpsters, and trucks. Whatever your large equipment or project need, we probably have the equipment that will do it.


Walls and Structures

Large outdoor projects – like retaining walls, patios, drainage systems, demolition – require large machines, and people who know how to use them.

J.B.Cote Construction has the most modern equipment and the expertise to perform all your yard landscaping needs. It’s amazing how a little loam and a retaining wall can improve your yard and bring up the value of your house. We can do anything from driveways to full yard landscaping with quality and professionalism.

Clearing and Grading

Our Bobcats have all the attachments to make short work of almost any job. All wheel steer means that we don’t tear up the ground as we work so you don’t end up with a mud pit.


We have the most modern equipment and the expertise to perform all your construction disposal needs. We can deliver a waste disposal container in a matter of hours from contract and can facilitate up to 20 yards of construction debris.

Competitive Pricing and services available throughout Rhode Island.

Snow Removal

Whether you need your lot plowed – or extreme clearing, we have the equipment to handle it.